My design philosophy is 

"Keep it Simple"


 My Why?

A product should be simple, so simple that anyone can use it. Most products have either complicated information architecture, or made in a way that makes you jump hoops. I believe that products are made for humans and should put their needs at the core of the design

My goal is to curate a user experience that is seamless, easy to use and most importantly efficient!


"A product, much like an IB History essay, should follow the KISS: Keep It Simple Stupid."

Work Experience 

I graduated in 2013 with a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science & Engineering. I worked for the next 5 years, first as a software developer, and then as a business analyst. During my work as a business analyst at Latentview, I’ve had the opportunity to provide insights that helped my clients understand the customer’s needs.

Some of the companies I have worked with



Career Transition

My path to discovering User Experience Design was a long one, craving for change, I took a planned sabbatical to approach other career fields and try out other hats. The one that fit was UX. To make matters official, I joined an intense UX Bootcamp at BrainStation in 2022. And despite the sweat, blood and tears, I know that it was one of the best decisions of my life.


"I’m my happiest when I am tinkering something in Figma, whether its trying to design a solution or if its to advocate for a decision I truly believe in."


What do you do in your free time?

I read a lot, sometimes a book a day. I also write, I hope one day it will be out there for everyone to see and read. I also spend a lot of time on figma, designing something or the other, sometimes late at night too.

What are your Design Principles?

When it comes to design, I am still very much a beginner, and I approach design as such. My goal in life is to create solutions- designs that are so simple that anyone, including very much the older generations can use it without the help of anyone. I want to find a way to digitally empower users.

What are your favorite sites/apps?

Apple, Canva and Air bnb, are some of the most beautiful designed sites.

I love watching Apple WWDC keynotes, especially the summary decks at the very end of the product introduction. It fascinates me how the designers are able to organise so much information in so little space, with such stunning visuals.


Credits: This artifact was made in figma by using Blush plugin

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